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Terms and Conditions

Validity area

These General Terms and Conditions apply to
Holiday Resorts
József Attila Street 25.
contractual relations that are
Optimum Trust Vagyonkezelő Kft.
Industrial street 2. A.ép. ground floor. First
Registration number: 01 09 277068
Tax number: 24357887-2-43
and its contractual partners.
All guests, parties to the lease, and third parties have been duly informed in accordance with this GTC.

Contract conclusion, service, prices and payment terms

The service provided by the hotel is subject to conditions and prices set by the Board of Directors on the date of the contract.
The hotel is also entitled to unilaterally change the terms of the contract if the time between the conclusion of the contract and performance is at least 120 days.
The hotel service is only for the period originally specified, and any stay beyond this is subject to a case-by-case condition, as determined by the hotel. Possible damages and extra cleaning costs are also invoiced
The option terms specified in the contract are binding on both parties. The hotel reserves the right to sell the booked room or special room to another partner at the end of the option date.
If the customer specified in the contract is not the same as the actual customer of the service, the customer is obliged to include his partner in the contract with regard to the obligations.
All other ordered hotel services must be paid in full, unless otherwise specified in the contract.
With the invoice sent, the due date begins, the payment for the invoice is immediately due without any deduction. In case of late payment, the hotel will charge a default interest of + 4% on the current Base Bank rate. If the customer has an overdue debt, the hotel is entitled to unilaterally cancel future bookings, even if the order has already been confirmed.

Food and drink in the hotel

It is forbidden to consume imported food and drinks in public areas of the hotel. Breakfast served in the hotel is only available in the breakfast room, and can not be taken with food and drinks. Making your own food in the hotel room is also not allowed.

Room availability, hotel check-in and check-out

The guest cannot insist on using a certain room.
The booked room is available from 14:00 on the day of arrival. The guest is not entitled to occupy the room at an earlier time. Guests have access to a luggage room free of charge for earlier arrivals and later travel times.
On the day of booking, the room must be left no later than 10 o'clock, otherwise the hotel is entitled to charge HUF 3,000 per hour to the guest's account.
The hotel is entitled to issue a partial invoice at any time during the stay.
The cancellation policy of the individual contract with the hotel is applicable for any group or conference services.

Hotel obligations

The parties agree that the hotel will not be responsible for any items left by the guest in community spaces or conference rooms. For hotel baggage, valuables, the hotel is responsible to the extent required by law. You are not liable for any damage arising from negligence.
Responsibility is limited to the personal belongings of the guest, but this does not include valuables such as. mobile phone, notebook, jewelery, money, fur, etc. unless you are in charge of the Reception by guarding or in the room safe.
If the guest did not request the preservation of the valuables in advance, the hotel is exempt from liability.
If there is a problem, disruption in the hotel service, the hotel must take immediate action to rectify the problem, and the guest is obliged to reduce or eliminate further damage within the limits of the reasonable rationale.
If the guest is using the hotel parking (even for a fee), the liability does not cover the damage caused by the car or the valuables left in the car or the consequences of the irregular parking.
In case of Vis Major (war, occupation, rebellion, strike, fire, flooding, destruction of care systems, etc.), both parties are exempt from liability, but the hotel is only affected if it is directly involved in the events.

Pets at the hotel

The guest can bring pets only with the prior consent of the hotel and payment terms, in addition to keeping the pet in accordance with the regulations and supervising it.
Compensation for damage caused by the animals will be covered by the hotel.

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